10 Brazilian Portuguese Expressions (#01)

Learn how to connect with a Brazilian Local

1- Beleza

How to use this expression:

Beleza means “Beauty” . Brazilians use this word as an expression very often in many different cases. The most common cases are when we want to say hello to greet someone, to agree with something or just to say “deal”.

Possible translations: “Ok”, “Sweet”.


  • Hello! How are you?
  • I’m fine! 
  •  Oi, Beleza?!
  • Beleza!
  • Let´s play soccer today, ok?
  • Ok!
  •  Vamos jogar futebol hoje, beleza? 
  • Beleza!
  • Is everything ok? 
  • Yes!
  • Está tudo certo?
  • Beleza!
  • I will talk to her today, ok?! 
  • Deal
  • Eu vou falar hoje com ela, beleza? 
  • Beleza!
  • Did you understand? 
  • Yes
  • Você entendeu?
  • Beleza!

2- Valeu

How to use this expression:

Brazilians use this expression to say thank you, good bye or to agree with something

Possible translations: Thanks, ok, bye.


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  • Thank you for inviting me to your party
  • Valeu por ter me convidado pra sua festa
  • I took the T-shirt that you forgot 
  • Thanks
  • Eu peguei a camisa que você esqueceu
  • Valeu!
  • I need to go. Bye!
  • Eu preciso ir. Valeu!

3- Olha só

How to use this expression:

We use it when we want to call someone’s attention to something that we want to say or show.

Possible translations: take a look.


  • I want to tell you something. Pay attention.
  • Eu quero te falar uma coisa.. Olha só…
  • Teacher, I didn’t understand. Can you explain again?
  • Ok! Take a look..
  • Professor, eu não entendi. Você pode explicar de novo?
  • Beleza. Olha só..
  • Can you see that cloud? Take a look!
  • Você pode ver aquela núvem? Olha só!

4- Vamo nessa!

How to use this expression:

When we want to encourage someone to start something with us, we use this expression.

Possible translations: Let´s go


  • Let´s play footvolley? 
  • Let´s go
  • Vamos jogar futevôlei?
  • Vamo nessa!
  • Today we are going o learn the verb “To Study”. Let´s go!
  • Hoje a gente vai aprender o verbo “Estudar”. Vamo nessa!

5- Nada demais

How to use this expression:

Brazilians use it If they want to say that nothing special or serious has happened / is happening.

Possible translations: Not too much, Nothing special, Nothing serious.


  • What did you do on your weekend?
  • Not to much
  • O que você fez no fim de semana?
  • Nada demais
  • My friend felt but nothing serious happened
  • Meu amigo caiu mas não aconteceu nada demais
  • What are you doing now?
  • Nothing special
  • O que você está fazendo agora?
  • Nada demais

6- Legal

How to use this expression:

When we want to show admiration/approval for something, we use this expression.

Possible translations: Nice, Cool


  • Last weekend I surfed
  • Nice!
  • No fim de semana passado eu Surfei
  • Legal!
  • Now I’m learning portuguese!
  • Nice!
  • Agora eu estou aprendendo português.
  • Legal!

7- E aí!

How to use this expression:

Brazilians usually use this expression to start a conversation. It’s used with the meaning of “Hello”  Some people just say “Oi” or “Olá” but “E aí” is also very used, in an informal way.

This expression is also used in some cases to call someone’s attention to the conversation

Possible translations: What’s up?!, Hey!


  • What’s up? Everything ok?
  • E aí?! Tudo bem?
  • Hey, let´s go?
  • E aí?! Vamo nessa?!
  • Hey.. have you already decided?
  • E aí… já decidiu?

8- Qual a boa?

How to use this expression:

When Brazilians want to know about the good news, or when we want to know about what is going on (weekends, party), that’s the question that we make.

Possible translations: What’s new?


  • What are the good news?
  • Qual a boa?
  • What about the weekend? What are you guys up to?
  • E o fim de semana… qual a boa?

9- Nossa!

How to use this expression:

“Nossa” is used as an interjection and we say it when we are surprised about something

Possible translations: wow, woah


  • Today is raining a lot.
  • wow
  • Hoje está chovendo muito
  • Nossa!
  • Wow!! They are playing very well today
  • Nossa! Eles estão jogando muito bem hoje

10- Vamos ver

How to use this expression:

Brazilians use this expression when they don’t know about what is going to happen in the future

Possible translations: We will see, Time will tell


  • I studied very hard. I think I did ok on the test. We will see
  • Eu estudei muito. Eu acho que fui bem no teste. Vamos ver.
  • She told me that she would come. Let’s see
  • Ela disse que ia vir. Vamos ver.
  • This pandemic will finish soon. Time will tell.
  • Essa pandemia vai acabar logo. Vamos ver

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