About the Uncle


My name is Rodrigo, I live in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. I am graduated in communication, I’m a tour guide and a Portuguese teacher for foreigners.

My passions are futevolei, surfing, music and languages and I can communicate in 06: English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew and Portuguese. Speaking so many languages, I can identify the main difficulties in learning a new language.

That’s why I decided to teach Portuguese. I had the opportunity to study by many different methods and to live abroad. So, I was able to take the best part of each experience and create my own method.

I teach Portuguese from the basic level to the most advanced. More than teaching the language, I show the essence of the brazilian people. I teach Portuguese through our music, tourism, and our culture.  As a teacher, I´m very flexible and meet everyone’s needs, adapting myself to the profile of each student.

My intention with this project is to help you with the learning of our language and present Brazil from my perspective.

Welcome to Brazil
Your Uncle

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