Are you strugling with
Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation?
So this course is for you!

Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation Course

After taking this course you will be able to speak Portuguese in a natural way.

And the best part: with the Rio de Janeiro accent!

As a Portuguese teacher for foreigners, working with people from around the world, I have identified the main pronunciation difficulties in Brazilian Portuguese.
That’s why I have decided to create this Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation Course.
Here you will find over 40 recorded classes talking about the main details about the Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation.

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What are you waiting for?

Star studying now!

This course includes the “Brazilian Portuguese Pronucniation Manual”

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In addition to the classes, I am also giving an ebook with over 600 pronounced words, exercises and a mini dictionary with all the words used in the course.

How much does this course cost?

Guys, I’m confidente that this course will make you speak naturally with local Brazilians.

The Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation Course

R$ 297

Let’s start studying?

Who is Rodrigo?

I am the creator of the Uncle Brazil project and I live in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. I am a Portuguese teacher for foreigners and I am passionate about languages. I can also communicate in English, Spanish, French, German and Hebrew.

In addition to teaching students from around the world, I also create content for various media such as YouTube, Instagram and my Blog.
I am known to my students as “Upbeat” and “Workaholic”. I really work a lot. I love what I do.
But I never forget my hobbies. I always find time to go surfing, play footvolley and go to the beach, just like a good carioca 😉

Do you have any question?

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