My name is Rodrigo, I live in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil and I can communicate in 06 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew and Portuguese. Speaking so many languages, I can identify the main difficulties in learning a new language. More than teaching the language, I teach the essence of our culture. As a teacher, I´m very flexible and meet everyone’s needs, adapting myself to the profile of each student. Take a look at the classes options and choose the one that best suits you and schedule your free trial lesson

General Portuguese classes

Initial level – A1
Basic level – A2
Intermediate level – B1 / B2
Advanced level C1

In this classes our focus are the Gammar and the study of the language structure

Business Portuguese

Simulation of situations in the business world
Writing emails, benefits and Curriculums Vitae
Technical vocabulary for your industry or business area

Preparation for Celpe-Bras

Study of the exam structure
Relevant grammar topics
Comprehension and production of text
Time management

Conversation classes

Talk to a native
Put your knowledge into practice
Perfect your vocabulary and pronunciation


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