Learn how to connect with a Brazilian Local

1- Tranquilo!

How to use this expression:

When Brazilians want to ask or say that everything is fine, they use this expression.

Possible translations: fine, ok


  • Is everything ok?
  • Yes! Everything is Fine
  • Está tudo bem? / Está tudo tranquilo?
  • Sim! Tudo tranquilo!
  • Can we begin earlier today?
  • Yes, ok?!
  • Podemos começar mais cedo hoje?
  • Sim, tranquilo.

2- Poxa…

How to use this expression:

When we want to show some disappointment or disapproval, we use this expression.

Possible translations: Damn, What a pity


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  • Sorry but i will not be able to meet you today
  • Damn
  • Desculpa mas eu não vou conseguir te encontrar hoje
  • Poxa…
  • The party is cancelled because of the rain
  • What a pity
  • A festa foi cancelada por causa da chuva
  • Poxa!

3 – Galera!

How to use this expression:

This expression is very used when we want to start a conversation with more than one person. Usually is used as a vocative.

Possible translation: Guys


  • Guys, let’s travel this weekend!
  • Galera, vamos viajar esse fim de semana
  • Let’s go, Guys!
  • Vamo nessa, galera!

4- Como assim?!

How to use this expression:

This expression is used when we want to show some disapproval / surprise or when we simply didn’t understand what the person wanted to say.

Possible translation: What do you mean?


  • Next year I will stop with my studies
  • What do you mean?
  • Ano que vem eu vou parar com os meus estudos
  • Como assim?
  • We can use the internet in this room because here is another password
  • What do you mean?
  • A gente não pode usar a internet nesse quarto porque aqui tem uma outra senha
  • Como assim?

5- Partiu!

How to use this expression:

When we want to encourage someone to start something with us, we use this expression. Similar to another Brazilian expression: “Vamo nessa”, Bora!

Possible translation: Let´s go


  • Let’s travel to Brazil?
  • Let’s go
  • Vamos viajar pro Brazil?
  • Partiu
  • Let’s go?
  • Let’s go!
  • E aí… partiu?
  • Partiu!

6- Pois é!

How to use this expression:

This expression is used when Brazilians want to confirm / agree with something that they might not necessarily be comfortable about.

Possible translation: Indeed


  • He didn’t come only because it’s raining
  • Indeed
  • Ele não veio só por causa da chuva
  • Pois é.
  • I will talk to him to treat her better.
  • Indeed
  • Eu vou falar com ela pra tratar ela melhor
  • Pois é!

7- É isso.

How to use this expression:

It’s an interesting expression when we want to confirm that something happened / is going to happen but we don’t necessarily agree with it.

Possible translation: That’s it


  • I will not marry her. That’s it
  • Eu não vou casar com ela. É isso.
  • My team lost yesterday… we are out. That’s it.
  • Meu time perdeu ontem. Estamos fora. É isso.

8- Tira onda.

How to use this expression:

Brazilians use this expression to say that someone is very good in doing something

Possible translation: You rock!


  • You play soccer very well! You rock!
  • Você joga futebol muito bem. Você tira onda!
  • She is very clever. She rocks
  • Ela é muito inteligente. Ela tira onda

9- Foda

How to use this expression:

Brazilians use this expression when they are very disappointed or to express that something is being very hard lately. And also to say that something is cool LOL.

Possible translations: It’s though, It sucks, awesome


  • My team lost. It sucks
  • Meu time perdeu. Foda
  • German is very though
  • Alemão é foda.
  • This place is awesome
  • Esse lugar é foda

10 – Enfim.

How to use this expression:

When we want to finish a conversation and change the subject, we usually use this expression.

Possible translation: Anyway.

  • I can’t go because I have no money. Anyway…
  • Eu não posso ir porque eu não tenho dinheiro. Enfim…
  • It’s raining and I’m not going to the supermarket. Anyway… Have you already seen that movie…
  • Está chovendo e eu não vou no supermercado. Enfim… Você já viu aquele filme…

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