A Practical Guide to communicate naturally with local Brazilian.

Hello! Welcome to Uncle Brazil.

My name is Rodrigo, and I’m from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.

In my opinion, verbs is one of the hardest parts of studying a foreign language, so I decided to create this course.

As a Portuguese teacher for foreigners, working with people from around the world, I have identified and made it easy to learn the main points about Brazilian Portuguese Verbs.

After this course you are going to be much more confident to speak with Brazilians.

This course has over 130 recored lessons and more than 8 hours long divided into 4 parts:

Part 1: This first part is a guide for the beginners student to start to understand how Portuguese verbs work.

Part 2: Now that you already know the Brazilian Portuguese verbs fundamentals, let’s dive into the verbs.

In this part of the course I have identified and made it easy to learn the main points about Brazilian Portuguese Verbs.

Here you are going to find lots of tips, shortcuts and examples of real situations of our day-to-day life that will help you to communicate naturally with local Brazilians.

Part 3: advanced In this part we will study a very advanced content about Brazilian Portuguese Verbs: compound verb tenses.

Part 4: in this part of the course you will find more than 100 Brazilian Portuguese Verbs conjugated in the main verb tenses. In addition to the conjugated verbs you will find examples of how to use these verbs.

In addition to the content above, we have prepared 3 amazing bonuses

Guys, I am very confident that this course will take your Portuguese LANGUAGE  to the next level. It is a complete course that will make you speak with much more confidence with local Brazilians.


Price: R$ 497 (around U$ 97,00)

The Brazilian Portuguese Verbs Course
Ebook Brazilian Portuguese Verbs Funadamentals
Ebook The Brazilian Portuguese Verbs Manual
Ebook The Top 100 Verbs in Brazilian Portuguese
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Who is Rodrigo?

I am the creator of the Uncle Brazil project and I live in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. I am a Portuguese teacher for foreigners and I am passionate about languages. I can also communicate in English, Spanish, French, German and Hebrew.

In addition to teaching students from around the world, I also create content for various media such as YouTube, Instagram and my Blog.

I am known to my students as “Upbeat” and “Workaholic”. I really work a lot. I love what I do. But I never forget my hobbies. I always find time to go surfing, play footvolley and go to the beach, just like a good carioca